Monday, October 21, 2013

Press printing pros and cons

Press Printing Pros and Cons

Press Printing has made nay type of printing much faster and easier. With its introduction. it now only takes a few months to print not only hundreds but thousands of copies of printed materials.

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The introduction of the printing press has made producing multiple copies of a document much easier and convenient. This machine has changed the totality of the written language. It was a breakthrough in spreading literacy in the lower classes as books and other printed materials are now easily reproduced. Many more copies of a document could be made making the documents more available to the masses.

But have you ever wondered how these books, magazines or newspapers are produced? Are these printed materials literally written and colored by the writers? Absolutely not! Just imagine how long it will take to write a single copy of a book. It would seem impossible to actually produce one copy if one has to do it manually. Then how are they able produce thousands of copies in just a short period of time? The answer to that is press printing. Press printing can make copies of words and images by placing ink on paper.

In the past, when the printing press was not yet invented printing a hundred copies of a bo


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